Free Museum Day in St Pete

st-pete-museum-of-history-free-museum-day-spf16-baseball-shoeless-joe-jacksonThis past Saturday was SPF 2016- Arts Alive and it was a blast!  This idea of offering a free day to introduce culture and history through local museums was adopted from the Smithsonian’s Museum Day Live which began 12 years ago.

We began preparing our day the night before by planning out the museums we wanted to see and mapped our route since we would park and walk to them all.  While this is a wonderful way to spend the day with the entire family, my husband and I decided we needed some us time and opted to make this a date. Continue reading

Moccasin Lake Park Clearwater Florida

owl moccasin lake rescue clearwater florida wild redThis past weekend we took full advantage of the break in the rain (and pre-hurricane gorgeous weather) to get out and explore.  Cabin fever strikes our home quickly, so we take any opportunity to move and be outdoors.

Moccasin Lake Nature Park offered us a great Sunday out by filling us with knowledge, and then releasing us to the wild to walk off those pesky ants in the pants from not moving much all week. Continue reading

Tropical storm to hurricane- Hermine’s passage through Florida

hurricane hermine 2016 pinellas county wild red 2It has been a very wet a wild week here in Pinellas County Florida.  As Hermine approached, we all watched carefully.  Following a hurricane in Florida is very different from when one approached up North.  The feeling here is more of community and enjoying the downtime after preparations were made. Where as up North, we are more prep and hide out in the house with our supplies type of people.  The flighty nature of storms here on the gulf coast amaze me as they come and go many times before passing completely through. Continue reading

The Beach Tampa

the beach tampa bill pit wild red instagram photoImagine diving into a gigantic ball pit in the middle of the city.  If you’re from the area or visiting you have heard news of The Beach Tampa.  No this isn’t a sand and water type of beach.  This beach is an arena filled with 1.2 million white balls and surrounded by mirrors to reflect the endlessness of a real beach.  Adorned with lifeguard chairs, and floaties you really felt a sense of playfulness approaching “the waters”.  I even requested our son test the temperature before we proceeded in behind.  Continue reading